BEMS: The solutions to optimize energy saving for buildings

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The energy management system (ISO 50001) was developed to comprehensively monitoring, help businesses operate efficiently with the lowest energy costs, the Building Energy Managenent System (BEMS) is a powerful tool to help buildings save energy. The application of the BEMS, buildings, hotels, factories ... can save 10-15% of total energy consumption.

Mr Huynh Kim Tuoc - Director of The Energy Conservation Center of HCMC (ECC-HCMC) said:  the rate of energy use in buildings accounts for 35 to 40% of total energy consumption and in the coming years, this figure will be higher.

According to a recent research of Dr. Dinh Xuan Thang (Institute of  Environment and Natural Resources HCMC), if all the hotels in HCMC implement the solutions of energy efficiency (EE), it can save 20 to 30% of the total energy cost of the hotel and save energy for  HCMC  nearly 91 millions kWh / year, equivalent to over 145 billions VND / year, reducing emissions causing the greenhouse effect of about 143.369 tonnes of CO2 per year. Thus, the potential for energy efficiency in buildings today is relatively large, the energy efficiency in buildings, the hotes is a urgency matter to reduce cost, increase economic benefits, competition and friendly environment.

Mr. Huynh Quoc Huy (Manager of Renewable Energy Department - ECC-HCMC) said:  in a building, the energy components including air conditioning systems, lighting systems, office equipment systems , elevator systems and other auxiliary equipment such as pumps, ventilation ... To manage and operate the large systems in a building, need to require hundreds of employees. However, this operation is not guaranteed in energy efficiency because the person who turn on/off the power devices can forget or self-consciousness, and many other reasons. BEMS system with automatic control, operation and monitoring all activities of energy consumption in buildings enables enhanced performance and optimize energy use of the building.

BEMS consists of two main parts: the core of the monitoring system, the connected devices (connected to the system in the using energy systems of the building such as air conditioning, fan, pump, lighting ...) and transfer signaling to center. For example, the building has 20 floors, the BEMS application will have an operate center room (turn on / off) automatic the energy consumption equipment in buildings. All the signals of 20 floors will connect to the central room, to prepare a conference room at 20th floor, center room will control the energy equipment for the meeting, then automatically turn off the equipment to help control the energy consumption of building, replace workers to operate, avoid the case of forgetting to turn off electric equipment, air conditioning or fan after the meeting.

BEMS automatic monitoring and extracting the monthly report of energy consumption of the equipments in the building, to help determine the energy consumption and find the solution.
The Energy Conservation Center of HCMC, collaborated and supported from the leading Japanese company in the field of energy efficiency as Hybia, Veglia ... is implementing this system for buildings, hotels in HCMC. At Legend Hotel HCMC, after BEMS installation, monitoring results, monitoring: The management of energy consumption system is easier, saves 10 to 15% of total energy consumption.

The outstanding advantage of BEMS is very flexible so can be applied in many different requirement of each concern. The concern can invest in a simple monitoring system costs a few hundred million VND to a more integrated system monitoring features in large scale for a few billion. For building, the hotel:  supervise management, performance analysis of energy consumption of air conditioning systems, heating, ventilation, lighting ...

Mr Huy said, at present, HCMC has about 6 million m2 of new buildings each year. Along with these programs, state policy orientation of energy efficiency, the new construction law is : new buildings must be apply the energy management systems, including BEMS applications. This is a good condition for the implementation of energy efficiency more thoroughly. However, the biggest difficulty is the issue of financial and business awareness about energy efficiency.
However, with many years of experience in energy auditing and support of experts, The Energy  Conservation Center of HCMC has always co-operated with the concerns in the context of cost pressures energy increases. Each year, the ECC often consults and surveys for  hundreds of companies on energy efficiency solutions. To deploy BEMS or more different energy saving solutions, the center will conduct energy audits, identify the potential energy efficiency and give the solutions. In 2012, the ECC has successfully implemented consulting energy management system ISO 50001 for more than 20 units. About BEMS, in 2012, the ECC will promote deployment for another 4-5 large hotels in HCMC. In parallel with the implementation of energy efficiency buildings, upcoming, The ECC also organizes many workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau, Binh Duong, Phan Thiet ... to widespread  deploy BEMS.
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