ESCO service supports the development of green buildings in Vietnam

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At workshop of green buildings by the Construction Ministry in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States held in Hanoi on 16/4, ESCO (energy services) is one of the useful content and is considered as a tool to support for the development of green buildings in Vietnam.

The workshop was held to discuss about standards and innovative solutions to help create sustainable green environment for Vietnam's urban future. Mr Trinh Dinh Dung – Minister of Ministry of Construction said “Vietnam is experiencing rapid urbanization, with about 765 cities. Each year, about more1 million people become urban dwellers and is expected to 2015, the urban population will be about 52 million people, accounting for 52% of the national population. Hence, the demand has been built up with breakneck speed. Therefore, green building is one of the useful solutions for efficient use of energy and adaptation to change climate in Vietnam.

Speaking at the workshop, the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam, David Shear assessment: Vietnam has made important progress in developing green buildings and energy efficiency.

Workshop of Green Building is an opportunity for managers, researchers, consultants, building contractors in Vietnam learning experience as well as solutions to help Vietnam quickly update methods , advanced technology of the United States in the design, construction and operation management of green buildings, creating a sustainable built environment for urban areas in Vietnam in the future.

Faced with global climate change caused by greenhouse gases, the world embark to reduce harm and improve this situation. In particular, the development of green building is one of the solutions to satify the criteria: benefit, beautiful and sustainable development, especially in developing countries. Therefore, in Vietnam, green buildings are increasingly receiving attention not only of the building owner, the architectural design firm, architects, and manufacturers of building materials ... but also the community. In terms of the State, to encourage the development of green buildings, improve the image of the efficient use of energy, a lot of programs, competitions for object construction, building have also held such as contest of Building energy Efficiency annual chaired by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the architectural design competition energy efficient chaired by the Ministry of Construction (both competitions are due to Energy Conservation Center of HCMC launched and organized) ...

Mr Huynh Kim Tuoc - Director of Energy Conservation Center of HCMC presented the benefits of energy services (ESCO) for green buildings

Attend workshops on green building organized by Ministry of Construction and the U.S. Embassy, Huynh Kim Tuoc - Director of Energy Efficiency Center of HCMC said the green building must start from the architectural design stage, the use of building energy efficiency materials and the ultimate is solution management, operate with energy efficiency technology. However, there are still many barriers to the investment made ​​to build a green building in Vietnam such as: green building knowledge of a team of architects, engineers ... are limited, prices of energy efficiency materials construction are high, financial barriers to investment in technology ... in order to solve this problem, the ESCO model as an effective solution for  the investor to choose a green building .
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