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Two events related to develop Vietnam’s green economy will be co-organized by Denmark and Sweden agencies on September 20. The first event will take place in Denmarkbetween Ho Chi Minh City Energy Conservation Center (ECC) and the University College of Northern Denmark (UCN). The two agencies will sign a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of the Institute of Energy Training and Green Architecture. The second event will take place in Hanoi. That the 2013 GreenBiz Expo will be organized in two days on September 19 and 20 will showcase Sweden green technology. These events open up new prospects for cooperation betweenVietnam and the European countries in the field of green economy.


Green Architecture - latest cooperation on green growth between Vietnam and Denmark
According to Huynh Kim Tuoc - Director of ECC, it is expected that in March 2014, the Institute of Energy Training and Green Architecture – a result of ECC and UCN partnership in nearly 5 years will beofficially launched. "Vietnam does not have any standard for green buildings and any agency trains how to design a green building.Therefore, the Institute of Energy Training and Green Architecture will focus on three main areas: elementary, intermediate as well as short training courses, cooperation with the university training system, research and exchange Ph.D candidates and consultation on green buildings”, said he.
The Institute is a good place for green building experts of Vietnam, Denmark and many other countries. The exchange program allowsgreen building experts to participate in green building projects in the two countries. He stressed that, ECC is known as a pioneer andremains an agency teaching green architecture. UCN has a advantage of applying technology in practice. Therefore, this combination willhelp form a pioneer in the field of green architecture to make this field further develop in the future.
The Vietnam’s and Denmark’s partners expect that the Institute will help form an new subject, that is architectural engineering technology. This is also an expected subject that the architecture universities want to establish in Vietnam. After the establishment of the Institute, in the coming time, ECC will cooperate with Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi universities of Architecture to train this subject.
Sweden brings leading green technologies to Vietnam
Ms. Camilla Mellander, Ambassador of Sweden to Vietnam confirmed that in the 2013 GreenBiz Expo the Swedish companies will introduce the most advanced technology and share experience in water and waste management and renewable energy to Vietnam’s partners. The Swedish Ambassador emphasized that there are many opportunities for Vietnam enterprises to cooperate with Swedishcompanies in order to receive green technology solutions. Besides, Vietnam also has opportunity to borrow short term funds, particularlyfor start-up businesses. So 2013 GreenBiz will open up networking events, in order to promote trade between the two countries in the future.
Talking about the Swedish experience in the field of green technology, Ms.Camilla Mellander said that Sweden has a long history ofresearch and application of green technology since the 1960s. After a long time, the government decided to focus on green and clean technology. Thus, at the moment, the majority of Swedish companies have green management system integrated in the operating system. This system will contribute to improving the businesses’ competitiveness.
To promote sustainable development and simultaneously reduce pollution, Vietnam should take into consideration sustainable solutionsfor transport sector. In particular, Vietnam should focus on solutions related to develop and improve public transportation systems such asbiogas bus to reduce gas emissions into the air. In this field, in 2005, Sweden was the first country in the world to use the trains running by biogas.

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