Launching two competitions on energy conservation

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On July 25, 2012, Ministry of Industry and Trade launched the two energy competitions for 2012 " Energy Efficiency Building" and "Energy Management in Industry and Buildings”.

Attending the launching ceremony were Vice Minister of Industry and Trade - Mr. Hoang Quoc Vuong, representatives of the Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Science and Technology, representatives of the Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Civil Engineering from Hanoi and neighboring provinces, representatives from Energy Conservation Centers, businesses, buildings and reporters.

Mr. Hoang Quoc Vuong, Vice Minister of Industry and Trade launching the two competitions

Opening the launching ceremony, Mr. Hoang Quoc Vuong stressed the importance of energy to the economic development. Therefore, to ensure national energy security, in parallel with the deepening exploitation of existing energy sources and new energy, it is essential to pay attention to energy efficiency and conservation. Building and industrial sectors also contribute to the large energy consumption, a direct effect on energy security. The two competitions, "Energy Efficiency Buildings" and "Energy Management in Industry and Buildings" being held annually, will mean awareness raising on energy efficiency in building and industrial development in particular and in the general public.

This is the 6th year for "Energy Efficiency Building" and the 3rd for "Energy Management in Industry and Buildings." Over the years, the two competitions have received outstanding interest and response from numerous individuals, organizations, buildings and businesses across the country. There were 243 buildings and 55 businesses sending applications for the competitions. Every year, award winners have applied for ASEAN contest and achieved great prizes.

Mr. Huynh Kim Tuoc- Director of HCMC Energy Conservation Center - the standing organization of Energy Efficiency Building shared that the rate of energy use in buildings accounts for 35-40% of total energy consumption and in the coming years, this figure is expected to increase further. Therefore, the competition was organized to encourage energy efficiency and conservation activities in buildings through solutions in design, construction, technology investment and use of energy efficient equipment. In addition, the contest also honors energy efficiency constructions and buildings and is in search for model buildings.

Anantara Resort & Spa became second prized winner in tropical building category
of 2012 South East Asian Energy Efficiency Building

At the ceremony, Mr. Timothy Pham, director of engineering and maintenance department of Big C Vietnam – first winner of creative and unique energy management in the "2011 Energy Management in Industry and Buildings" contest shared some experiences on energy use in the enterprise.

He said the successes of the Big C are primarily due to the better energy management. Big C firstly performed energy audits, then gradually each lighting and air conditioning system were replaced, installed and used to achieve the highest efficiency, while ensuring that the shopping needs of customers. Training in energy conservation for staffs were also in place. Big C is currently conducting research of new energy solutions and clean energy projects in the future supermarkets such as installing solar energy systems, building green buildings based on LEED and LOTUS standards.

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