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Experts’ and managers’ opinions in the exhibition on Energy Technology and Environment Hanoi 2013 (ENTECH Hanoi 2013) revealed that the power saving buildings in Vietnam were not only weak at technology but also lagged behind. They haven’t achieved the green building standards of other Asian countries. 

About 95% of commercial buildings and high-rise buildings in Vietnam do not integrate energy efficiency into building designs and operation. This is a huge waste of resources because construction is one of the industries having highest growth rate with a growth rate of 6% to 7% per year. 
In recent years, energy saving buildings have paid much attention to the use of green technologies and applied lots of technological solutions to lower costs as well as to improve energy efficiency of buildings by taking advantages of non-baked bricks, energy efficient glass, natural ventilation systems and green space for the arrays works. However, most buildings which are still weak at technology, having not achieved the criteria of green architecture.
One of the major drawbacks of the buildings in Vietnam is that we are not bold enough to take solutions of solar power systems and hydrogen battery whereas other countries in the region have successfully applied those solutions. In addition, the energy management of domestic buildings is very limited.

To overcome the disadvantages of energy management, according to ECC HCMC, investors should invest in good mechanical and electrical equipment. With the building life cycle of 20 years or 30 years, the use of new energy saving devices will be likely to increase the economic efficiency and shorten the payback period. Investors should also seek qualified consultants having in-depth knowledge in green architecture to find the best solution and choice of the energy management systems.
In fact, the implementation of energy efficiency in new buildings is usually better as the owners had made a large investment in energy conservation equipment. Moreover, many of them also expect the advice and supports of professional agencies to precisely evaluate the impacts of their investment on green energy on their businesses as well as to predict and advise of useful energy saving equipment in the future.
Currently, the number of high-rise buildings increases rapidly, which results in an increase in energy consumption. The energy efficiency in buildings also becomes a heated problem which desperately needs a solution to save energy, reduce the costs and protect the environment. In order to improve the efficient performance of power saving buildings, investors should pay attention to the effective building designs satisfying energy efficiency as well as successfully apply the energy conservation equipment. Those efforts will help Vietnam to save large amount of money in this field.

Author: Thanh Thao
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