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The Colusa-Miliket Foodstuff Joint Stock Company (JSC) has become one of the first businesses to achieve an ISO 50001 in energy management system certification. This certificate has proven to be an effective solution to bring greater economic efficiency for businesses.

Expert Nguyen Kinh Luan said that the implementation of reasonable and effective energy usage could bring higher profits at minimal cost, contributing to improving business competitiveness. The application of energy management systems in businesses has contributed to minimizing production costs and negative impacts on the environment as well as improving the image and reputation of the company.
The application of energy management systems in the Colusa-Miliket Foodstuff JSC has proved its effectiveness, contributing to minimizing energy costs and ensuring product quality. The company mainly uses electricity, oil and coal. The company installed energy management systems in 2012 and many energy-saving solutions were given out, such as installing electric meters in each region in the company, replacing T8 bulbs by T5 bulbs, maintaining steam pipes for production lines and using electric fans mounted inverters. Thanks to these solutions, the company saved 76,259kWh of electricity and 338 tonnes of coal in 2012. To date, the company has perfected energy management systems and Bureau Veritas have granted a certificate for the company. In particular, Ho Chi Minh City Energy Conservation Center granted an ISO 50001 energy management system certificate to the company on April 9 in Ho Chi Minh City.
The application of an energy management system has brought greater economic efficiency for the Colusa-Miliket Foodstuff JSC. In the context of economic difficulties, energy management systems have played an important role and been seen as an useful tool to help businesses achieve energy-saving goals, contributing to minimizing costs and further improving their competitiveness./.

After the Law on Energy Conservation and Efficiency took effect, businesses, particularly big-name companies, and production facilities began paying more attention to energy management and energy-saving. Although a large number of businesses have set up energy management systems, few of them have achieved an ISO 50001 energy management system certificate. Energy audit activities and energy management systems play an important role in the field of energy conservation and efficiency.


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