ENCON EXPO 2010 with Energy Efficient Products

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The Energy Conservation Exposion 2010 (ENCON EXPO 2010) recently took place in Ho Chi Minh City. More than 100 domestic businesses and 30 foreign companies from Germany, France, Canada, China, Russia and the Republic of Korea (RoK) introduced their energy efficient products and renewable energy solutions through almost 300 pavilions. The exhibition attracted about 10,000 visitors.
Huynh Kim Tuoc, the director of the Energy Conservation Center of Ho Chi Minh City (ECC HCMC) and the head of the ENCON EXPO 2010 organizing board, said that the event had been designed to promote the development of the energy and renewable energy market, and that ENCON EXPO 2010 had been bigger than its 2009 counterpart. The 2010 exhibition did a good job connecting businesses including linking domestic businesses together, building relationships with foreign partners and connecting businesses with social communities. The exhibition organizing board sent the 'energy efficiency and conservation' message to the community through ENCON EXPO 2010.

Many energy efficient products including wind turbines, solar battery, energy management systems and much more were introduced at ENCON EXPO 2010. Notably, energy efficient products for household use, such as compact lamps and water heaters, attracted a large number of visitors. The Dien Quang Joint Stock Company introduced its compact lamps that use 80 percent less energy than conventional lamps and have a lifetime of more than 6,000 hours and a guarantee period of 15 months.

The New Generation Technology Lighting Equipment Joint Stock Company introduced its energy efficient LED lamps and non-mercury and non-sodium Vico halogen lamps, the latter of which has an eradiation output rate of 40 percent - eight times that of normal bulbs, 2.5 times that of Tungstang lamps and twice that of fluorescent lamps. A LED lamp has a lifetime of 50,000 hours, while halogen lamps have a lifetime of about 20,000 hours.

Solar water heaters, which are energy efficient, safe, durable and environmentally friendly and require a low maintenance cost, were found in more than 10 pavilions at ENCON EXPO 2010. The Son Ha Company Limited announced a promotion that would see the company offer one million dong supported by the electric power sector and another one million dong supported by the company when buying a high quality water heater from the company.

Solar batteries introduced at ENCON EXPO 2010 were produced with foreign modern technology so have a high quality and long lifetime. The Sagel Company said that it will provide package services related to installation of solar battery and solar power generators used for household appliances such as lamps, televisions, fridge, electric fans, printers and computers with a guarantee period of up to five years.

At ENCON EXPO 2010, the Tam Nguyen Development Joint Stock Company introduced the energy efficient Power Tune product that helps minimize electric power losses and cuts electricity consumption by 25 percent. This absolutely safe product is suitable for households, restaurants, hotels, schools, garment workshops and mechanical engineering workshops. The payment for the product can be made in two parts, with fifty percent paid in advance, with the remaining 50 percent paid three months later.

The energy use management system pavilions attracted interest. Automation companies introduced preeminent energy use management systems that can help businesses minimize energy consumption. The Song Viet Long Company Limited introduced the ACUVIM measurement and supervision product manufactured in Canada that can help businesses control their electric power consumption and make their power use more effective. This product is being used widely in Europe and North America.

ENCON EXPO 2010 introduced the LPG/Biogas switch equipment, wind turbines, equipment for making petrol and oil from waste tires, energy efficiency ideas and solutions in industry, buildings, construction, transport and public lighting in addition to related consulting, brokering, law, financial, and training services.

Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Deputy Chairman Nguyen Trung Tin said that ENCON EXPO 2010 was an opportunity for consumers to learn about energy efficient products, renewable energy and how to use energy efficiently, and that the exhibition was an opportunity for scientists, research institutes and training facilities to learn about consumer tastes and demand.

Through ENCON EXPO 2010, ECC HCMC did a good job functioning as a middleman connecting producers with the market and bringing energy conservation and efficiency to every household.

Dr. Bui Van Quyen, the director of the Southern Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that ENCON EXPO 2010 contributed to national energy security and protecting the country's environment on a sustainable basis while helping managers learn more about the importance of energy conservation and efficiency so they can have appropriate policies that encourage scientists and businesses make more energy efficient products possible./.
Author: Ngoc Long (VEN)
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