Energy efficiency services: open, but not easy

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The high energy price has put pressure on the cost of most of the industrial units. In addition, the implementation of the national objectives of energy efficiency program, the energy efficiency law was deployed and applied by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. This is an opportunity for the development of energy services (EE). However, what do the consultants and service providers of energy efficiency need to prepare to turn opportunities into advantages?

Currently, most provinces have the  energy conservation center, the promotion and industrial development  center, or the clean production center with funtions: research, consultancy, support organizations, individuals and people that use energy saving and efficiency in accordance with the law. These units are the focal point of the aggregate data about energy, building projects and programs of energy efficiency, implementing energy audit measures, technical solutions of energy efficiency, communication, information, promotion and implementation of energy efficiency activities ... in addition, there are many independent units of energy efficiency across the country. What are factors of consultants make the truth in customer?

Capacity Conditions
The capacity of the consultant is evaluated based on the capacity of professional staff , experience, service deployment and test equipment. In particular, the capacity of professional staff are reviewed through the field training, the organization's prestigious and professional qualifications recognized by the competent authority. For example, the consultant must be certified auditors and energy management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade will be allowed to practice consulting and auditing services energy management.

ECC-HCMC staff is installed BEMS system that save up to 20% energy for buildings in HCMC

In recent years, as a significant contribution in the implementation national target program on energy saving and efficiency of Phase I and  raise awareness on energy efficiency community, the Energy Conservation Center of HCM (ECC-HCMC) was recorded by the Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology,People's Committee of HCMC with 10 years in the energy efficiency and program effectiveness from the width and depth. Therefore, the experience is the second measure to confirm the capacity of a consultant. Besides, adequate test equipment and standards as well as one of the requirements that the consultant should have, because it affects the results of the consultation and the main benefits of business.

The Japanese partners evaluate Vietnam is a potential market of Energy Efficiency.
 Photo: A meeting between ECC-HCMC and two Japanese partners: Viglia and Hybiya
Continuous improvement in the services
In 2000, Energy efficiency  is still unfamiliar to many people in Vietnam, especially business owners . After  10 years, with many efforts of the Government and the consultants, community awareness on energy efficiency and tendency to move to action. Energy efficiency is no longer a far-fetched theory, it became benefit of individuals, organizations use energy. Therefore, energy efficiency becomes the target and the development strategy of most businesses.
To supply that demand, energy efficiency service market is expanding and need the consultants energy efficiency services. However, according to experts,with the role of energy efficiency consulting, in addition to the capacity, the units must be constantly improved to catch the market trends and suply the highest demands of business. Speaking on this proplem, Mr. Huynh Kim Tuoc, ECC-HCMC director, said: "With the current economic conditions, the market of energy efficiency services is expanding. However, with my own comments, even though a lot of potential, but this is not a lucrative market and easy. Therefore, to stand, the consultant must seriously invest both service quality and advisory capacity".

The commitment to a perfect service. Picture: ECC-HCMC and Veglia signing of ESCO services in Vietnam
Answer the question "How ECC-HCMC confirms the customer's trust for our services?" Huynh Kim Stripping said "In difficult economic context, to invest the energy efficiency system is the biggest obstacle for businesses. So, with a lot of effort, ECC-HCMC is the consultant, solution and financial investment providers that support a full and most comprehensive service to business. With 10 years experience in technology support and solutions for many leading partner on energy efficiency in Japan and Europe to help us believe that we will give businesses the most effective practical ".

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