HCMC Strives for Huge Energy Savings

Posted at: TUEsday - 29/03/2011 10:05 - post name: Nguyễn Mai Nhiệm
(VEN) - Ho Chi Minh City will target energy savings of up to 1 billion kWh during the 2011-2015 period according to Huynh Kim Tuoc, director of the Energy Conservation Center of Ho Chi Minh City (ECC-HCMC) in a meeting on power consumption index and energy savings from 2006-2010.

From 2006-2010, Ho Chi Minh City targeted a five percent saving in the city's total power consumption. Of which, industry sector targeted to save 2-3 percent, followed by household families with 2 percent, the services sector 1-1.5 percent and urban infrastructure 0.5 percent. After five years of implementing power saving solutions for various kinds of organizations and individuals, Ho Chi Minh City has saved 786.03 million kWh, an equivalent to 5.62 percent of the city's power consumption. Of this, the industrial sector and buildings saved 428.58 million kWh. Household families saved 236.91 million kWh and urban infrastructure saved 120.53 million kWh respectively. The energy conservation program has been granted over VND1.3 trillion over the past five years. Of this, enterprises who invested in technology innovation, training courses on power savings made up 92.4 percent and the state budget accounted 2.68 percent.
Regarding industrial activities in the city, Huynh Kim Tuoc, director of ECC said that over the last two years, power consumption index of the city has declined considerably thanks to the investment in technological renovations. Previously, industry consumed 867 kWh per US$1,000 value. The figure has currently declined to 600 kWh.
In 2010, 102,000 households registered to participate in the energy efficiency program that have helped save 300 million kWh (an increase of 2,000 households compared to its original 100,000 households). In 2011, the city continues to call more 500,000 households to join the program.
Power consumption per person in Ho Chi Minh City is estimated 2.3 times higher than the country's average. The city lacked almost 2 million kWh per day. ECC-HCMC estimates that the city is facing to the risk of increasing power consumption index in the near future due to the development of urban transportation infrastructure consuming a large amount of electricity.
Setting power conservation in the next five years as priority target, Ho Chi Minh City will continuously support enterprise and households to implement its energy efficiency program. It will strive to save three percent of the city total power consumption while building the model of efficient and saving power consumption management that will be applied to all key enterprises in the 2009-2015 period, while being expanded to small and medium sized enterprise. Moreover, new buildings from 2010 were managed strictly based on the Vietnam construction standards for energy efficiency.
In term of industry sector, according to Huynh Kim Tuoc, director of ECC-HCMC, two major issues are technology innovation and the enhancement of power management capability for enterprises. Meanwhile, households should buy and use appropriate electric appliances. ECC-HCMC will continue to organize training on energy efficiency, energy management while implementing projects for enterprises, especially those consuming large amounts of power.
ECC-HCMC is aware it should adopt the city framework project on energy conservation and efficiency, strengthen international cooperation in education, cooperate in developing mechanism and polices, collaborate with ASEAN and international experiment networks to pilot efficient power products and present ASEAN award for efficient power buildings to achieve the city targets./.

Author: By Phuong Mai
Source: ven.vn
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