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"The dry season 2013 forecast for severe electricity shortages throughout the southern region, it is noteworthy that the power shortage occurs in the context of production is not much" - Mr Huynh Kim Tuoc, director of Energy Conservation Center of Ho Chi Minh City said. So, now what to do to solve the problem of power shortage due to insufficient supply causes?

At introduce  program of energy management system and ISO 50001 certification awarded to Colusa-Miliket Company by Energy Conservation Center of Ho Chi Minh City (ECC-HCMC) organization, power shortage in dry season and solutions is the hot problem that a lot of business interest.
Because the supplier can not meet produce consumer demand so dry season 2013, HCMC  in particular and the country in general is expected to lack serious power. Given that, the business is required to tighten energy saving activities to minimize power consumption. And set energy management system is considered an optimal solution that businesses should care, because that can help businesses reduce to 30% of energy consumption including electricity.

Mr Huynh Kim Tuoc - ECC-HCMC Director spoke at the ceremony ISO 50001 certification
Mr Huynh Kim Tuoc said “ Law of saving energy and efficiency have confirmed the role of energy management systems in the enterprise business objects defined key required energy management systems and energy management staff. During the consultation process implemented energy efficiency programs, the companies do not have energy management system really is a big barrier to help businesses save energy and law enforcement”

Energy management Systems ISO 50001 - Energy Efficiency platform for business activities in Vietnam

As energy management system according to international standards and are appreciated for effective implementation, however in Vietnam, some companies achieve this certification is only counted on the fingers. Where is the reason?

As a new standard (launched in June 2011), so information about the ISO 50001 energy management system is not much, so Vietnam enterprises have not seen and aware enought of the importance of this system . In addition, the consultant system is very thin and inexperienced. It is expected that there will be many advisory group launched in the near future, but to be true, the consultants need to improve the quality of skills and experience in at least 10 years. In addition, the assessment ISO 50001 certification is a new product for the evaluation unit in Vietnam and the world. In Vietnam, the evaluation unit is also on the early pace, but there are still many objective reasons that this activity is not strong.

ECC-HCMC and the Bureau Veritas awarded the certification of Energy management system ISO 50001 for Colusa – Miliket Company

With proper orientation and scale spectacular sight, ECC-HCMC has prepared for consultancy established Energy management system from 5 years ago, from the training of human resources  to looking for partner evaluation and certification prestige. And Certification Ceremony of Energy management system according to ISO 50001 for Colusa-Miliket company is proof of that result. This is the first Certification Ceremony of Energy management system according to ISO 50001  for collaborating of ECC-HCMC and Bureau Veritas company with a closed process from consultation, assessment and certification in Vietnam.
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