What factors determine the quality of an energy audit report?

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Currently, Law of Energy saving and efficiency has gone into real life and create a "craze" for the stakeholders, especially the key enterprises. In particular, issues related to the implementation of energy audit was more interested in business. This is a good sign, however, the knowledge of the energy audit is still relatively new and incomplete for many businesses.

At the workshop "Responsibilities of key enterprises with Law of Energy saving and efficiency" by the Energy Conservation Center of Ho Chi Minh City (ECC-HCMC) coordinated with  the Steering Committee implementation of energy saving of Binh Duong Province held on 10.05.2012, many businesses have expressed concerns related to energy efficiency issues in Law regulations. Through this, many businesses that are still vague about the knowledge regarding to energy efficiency.

Consulting Unit of energy efficiency : Supply is not enough to demand

Law Energy saving and efficiency key business rules (1000 tons oil consumption equivalent to 6 million kWh / year) to perform energy audits 3 years 1 times. According to the list issued by the Prime Minister, in 2011 with 1190 key enterprises nationwide. Meanwhile, the country is now no more than 3 units advisory capacity KTNL really. That said, the market demand is huge KTNL.

Seminar on "Responsibilities of key enterprises with Law Using energy saving and efficiency" in Binh Duong has attracted nearly 100 guests from the key enterprises in the province. This shows that businesses are interested in law enforcement and investment solutions to long-term energy savings.

Attend a workshop on "Responsibilities of key enterprises with Law Energy saving and efficiency" in Binh Duong, representing nearly 100 of the 117 key enterprises of this locality have also shared the difficulties as their needs for support in accordance with the law enforcement use of energy saving and efficiency. The most important thing we noted was at this conference are the concerns of businesses around the selection of the consultant made ​​KTNL.

Quality reports KTNL depends on what factors?
Faced with mandatory provisions of law, businesses must implement key KTNL done by themselves if the business is capable or thanks to the support of professional consultants. In fact, although the law allows, but very few businesses can make their KTNL, because to do that, businesses must have an auditor certified and practicing KTNL equipped devices measuring qualify. Therefore, businesses want to make KTNL to find a consultant. However, to select a consultant that can help both your business by deploying KTNL Law enforcement has brought about economic efficiency solutions from the energy saving problem is that business owners look wedges careful consideration.

Mr Huynh Kim Tuoc – Director of ECC-HCMC answers the questions of guests at the workshop
According to Huynh Kim Stripping - Director of ECC-HCMC - one of the very few units leading and most experienced in the field of energy efficiency in Vietnam, the quality of the report is determined by KTNL second factor is the level of auditors and test equipment. Stripping Huynh Kim said "the level of different auditors for the reporting KTNL different quality is nothing to talk about. The same survey a factory but auditors A business consultant should replace lighting systems, security auditors B should improve cooling system, saying auditors C need replacing steam system ... An audit Techies do not just see the overall energy savings potential in parts of the plant, the stage of the chain or the operating devices in the enterprise, but also give specific numbers that businesses would save if done according to the results of the auditor's advice".

Indeed, in today's market there are many units with active advisory role in terms of angles KTNL but the real effect of this work, the business owner should consider before selecting a unit advice. Advice from the experts in this case is that businesses should look at record capacity of the unit to coordinate consultation before implementation KTNL.

For those of practical value from the particular KTNL and solutions for saving energy in general, the Law on Energy saving and efficiency is not only mandated by law enforcement businesses to make secure energy targets and efficiency savings for the country but also an opportunity for businesses to improve production systems, improving management processes, thereby contributing to increased business efficiency. Therefore, according to law enforcement is also helping to transform businesses to better suit the market and benefit the business itself.

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